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Welcome to our Scottsdale, AZ Judo Club!

7/5/2015 : Whether you're looking to start Judo or Martial Arts for the first time, you're seeking to improve your grappling skills or you're seeking a great system of self-defence, Judo has something for everybody...

Powerful Grappling, Throws, Joint Locks, Ground and Standing Techniques... Judo makes these techniques accessible to participants of all ages and sizes.

Scottsdale Arizona Judo Many people know Judo for it's spectacular throwing techniques but Judo also involves a wealth of grappling techniques that involve effective pins, holds, arm locks and choking techniques. Judo is almost unique in that it offers these techniques but simultaneously emphasizes safety under the strict rules and regulations governing this widely practiced, Olympic sport. Judo is learned and practiced on special mats that help to prevent injury.

Kids to Adults Learn the strongest foundation in grappling technique that the Martial Arts has to offer.

Judo is a fantastic martial art that offers a range of real benefits and rewards: It is an incredibly fun sport, it teaches discipline, it builds friendships and sportsmanship, it builds strength and fitness and it is a devastating system of self-defense or combat. Many of the grappling techniques demonstrated in modern mixed martial arts (MMA), can be seen in Judo competitions across the world. The absence of striking (punching and kicking), which is prohibited from Judo competition, makes Judo an ideal environment to learn and enjoy grappling in it's purest and most effective form.

Before there was MMA, there was Judo...

One of the real benefits of Judo is that unlike many other martial arts, Judo offers the practitioner a means to practice their skills in a sporting format. Like most quality, competitive Judo schools, our Scottsdale, Arizona Judo Lessons are offered in a practical format with immediate opportunities to practice and apply techniques.

Scottsdale Arizona Judo

Featured Judo Video:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a life-long Judo player, demonstrates his Judo skills. Putin credits Judo with instilling in him a sense of determination and discipline.


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