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Take Judo Lessons at our Scottsdale Martial Arts School.

2/28/2015 : Our club brings the many benefits of Judo to Arizona residents of all ages and backgrounds?

Judo is the original grappling art that encompasses Jiu Jitsu techniques in a competitive, fun, Olympic Sport.

Arizona Judo Lessons Judo is an adapted form of Jiu Jitsu, which is a well-known fighting system born in feudal Japan. In 1964, Judo was introduced at the Olympic Games, achieving official status in 1969. The sport is practiced by millions of men, women and children, across the globe today. Judo practitioners enjoy the sport for many reasons, including fitness, self-defence, the challenge of competition ? most people compete in Judo for the simple fun of it.

Of the many Martial Arts, few can boast the solid foundation and practical applications that Judo offers practitioners from kids to adults.

Judo (translated as the "gentle way"), teaches the principles of leverage, timing, balance and flexibility in the application of technique. Practitioners learn to creatively utilize movement to perform many of Judo spectacular throws and other techniques. It is through these skills that Judo practitioners can overcome the use of brute strength, to overcome stronger opponents.

As a sport, Judo in practiced under a strict set of rules that govern competition and ensure safety. At any age and skill level, Judo offers the practitioner the opportunity to practice, test and improve their skills through the excitement of competition. In competition, fairness and competitiveness is ensured through separate weight divisions for men and women, and boys and girls.

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Featured Judo Video:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a life-long Judo player, demonstrates his Judo skills. Putin credits Judo with instilling in him a sense of determination and discipline.


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